Transport of Pets and Animals

(updated polices in effect from November 1, 2010)

  • Air Tahiti Nui Accepts animals from Los Angeles to Paris, Paris to Los Angeles and from Papeete to Los Angeles or Paris only. On these flights some pets may be carried in the passenger cabin or shipped as air cargo.
  • The following countries served by Air Tahiti Nui do not allow the importation of animals: French Polynesia, New Zealand, Japan, Australia.
  • For the safety and comfort of your pet, Air Tahiti Nui suggests that you contact your veterinarian for advice regarding your pet’s comfort in flight, and we recommend that owners give their pets (with veterinary guidance) something to fight air sickness and/or anxiety.
Most destination countries require veterinary health and vaccination certificates. In some cases, pet transportation as cargo is required. (USA Requirements: Pets must have a valid rabies vaccination/health certificate, which must be issued by an official veterinary surgeon/official more than 30 days and less than one year from date of departure. Passengers must make sure that they have all the necessary documentation.

Into France -
Into USA -

For any other destination country, please check directly with the agriculture department of that country.
  • If a pet owner does not comply with the regulations, the animal could be turned away on departure or arrival.
  • An agriculture inspector will inspect the animal upon arrival.
  • The pet must be kept in a kennel with air vents.
Passenger Cabin (Pet in Cabin - PETC):
Air Tahiti Nui is pleased to offer Pet in Cabin (PETC) service as follows:

  • Los Angeles to Paris: USD150.00 one way.
  • Paris to Los Angeles: EUR150.00 one way.
  • Papeete to Los Angeles: XPF14,000 one way.
  • Papeete to Paris XPF24,000 one way.
Passengers must pay for their pet upon departure at the airport.
  • One (1) pet carrier/kennel per passenger (two small pets can be transported in the same carrier if there is enough space for them to move around freely). The pet carrier must fit under the seat in front of the passenger. ATN accepts a maximum of four (4) pets per flight with a maximum of 1 pet in First Class, 2 pets in Business Class and 4 pets in Coach Class.
  • Dogs and cats under 5-kg(11 lbs.) can travel in the cabin provided they are in compliance with the destination country's legislation.
  • The kennel can be made of hard plastic, metal or wicker, but not cardboard. The sum of its three dimensions must not exceed 115 cm/45 in. Recommended dimensions of 45 cms X 35 cms X 20 cms or 18" X 14" X8" so that it fits easily underneath the seat in front of you. Since pets are stowed under the seat in front of you, passengers with pets cannot be seated bulkhead or exit row seats.
  • The pet must be kept in a kennel with air vents at the owner's feet throughout the flight.
  • Pets cannot travel with unaccompanied minors.
  • The pet must stay in the carrier/kennel during the entire flight and until arrival in the passenger terminal.
  • The kennel must be the only hand baggage for Moana (Economy)Class passengers. An additional bag is allowed in the Poerava Business or First Class cabin.
  • At the walk-through scanners, pets must imperatively be with their owner outside the kennel. The kennel is placed on the control belt with the rest of the baggage.
  • Certified SERVICE DOGS accompanying passengers with disabilities are allowed in the cabin free of charge. They must remain at their owner's feet and be appropriately harnessed with a leash.
Transport of Larger Pets & Animals

From November 2010, Air Tahiti Nui will no longer accept pets as accompanied baggage at airport check in counters.

For transport of all animals not traveling as "Pet in Cabin", you are invited to contact our air cargo service. In North America please call our air cargo representatives at (800) 280-8244 or (310) 337-7201 for more information and requirements. Reservations for animals shipped as air cargo should be made at least 3 business days before the flight.

ANIMALS NOT ALLOWED: Dogs of the following breeds cannot be transported on any AIR TAHITI NUI flights, including by freight: Stafforshire terrier, mastiff (boerbull), tosa and pitbull. This also includes a dog that is a mix of one of the breeds mentioned here with any other breed.

For security reasons, all air cargo shipments, other than live animals, must be shipped through a freight forwarder.


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